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 Closing down operation

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Closing down operation Empty
PostSubject: Closing down operation   Closing down operation EmptySun Jun 30, 2013 7:56 pm

Hello members of Ouroboros,
I have some news for you to hear, some of you may be very disappointed but it needs to happen.
Ouroboros is shutting down operation for a while--at least four years.
Why? You may ask, well let me tell you why:
Our staff is very small, for admins there are only three of us! And of course we are people so we are very very busy. Cardinal and I are both just graduating high school and soon to be heading to college, it is simply impossible for us to set up an entire chat within 2 months. We have made the decision to go on this break because to be honest, we are very stressed out and are not capable of handling this chatsite with such little time on our hands. For me, I want to be able to see my friends before I head off to school 6+ hours away. And for cardinal I assume she wants to do the same. Rellik is also a busy man, he's had to work with children and help one of his friends out and he has other responsibilities. We want to be able to address this chat with a fresh, less stressed mind. And we want to be able to create a staff within this time that will be ready and willing to help make this chat become what it truly needs to be. I hope all of you can understand that we really want to make this chat happen, but to do so we need to walk away and come back during a time that is more lenient.
You guys can still be active here and talk to us and whatever you want, but just note that we are closing down operation for a long time.  Thank you for all the support that you have already given us. We love each and every one of you.
We hope to see you in the far future, ready to explore and experience the ancient Egyptian land of Ouroboros!
Kind regards,
Your loving Ouroboros staff

Ombra-Ver and Echoplex on chats!
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Closing down operation
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