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 Please read: Art Theft

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Please read: Art Theft Empty
PostSubject: Please read: Art Theft   Please read: Art Theft EmptyMon Apr 01, 2013 3:50 pm

Hello all!
When dealing with an art theft issue please refer to this post.
Please do not post a new topic about how a piece of your art has been stolen, this may attract unneeded attention and can cause lots of problems. Instead, please PM one of the members of the ART team.

We will try to solve the problem as quickly as we can!

A note on character theft: Please look carefully at the character that has been "stolen" if there are more than three large marking differences we may not have to look into it, however, if there are less than three big differences between the characters please shoot a PM to one of the ART Team members.

When filling out an art theft problem please include the following:
-A link to your piece
-A link to the stolen piece
-Where the stolen piece is being used
-The username of the person who stole your art
-Whatever other information you feel needs to be included that may help us
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Please read: Art Theft
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