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 Forum Regulations: Read Before Ever Posting

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Forum Regulations: Read Before Ever Posting Empty
PostSubject: Forum Regulations: Read Before Ever Posting   Forum Regulations: Read Before Ever Posting EmptyTue Apr 02, 2013 4:53 pm

Forum Rules:

1. Ouroboros is a 14+ chat only; however the forum is available for users ages 12 and up. This is subject to change in both areas.

2. One of our main rules is to be respectful. Please do not flame the forum with rude remarks or anything of the kind. Breaking these rules will result in disciplinary actions.

i. Harassment, Flaming, Rumors, Drama, etc.
ii. Name Calling, Pointing Fingers, Blaming, etc.
iii. Prejudice against Religion, Race, Beliefs, Ideals, Sexual Preferences etc.
iv. Derogatory terms towards certain groups.
v. Derogatory terms used as adjectives (example: “That is so gay.”)
vi. Rudeness towards Admins and Moderators.
vii. Criticism is welcome but not overly negative criticism.

3. No explicit content allowed.
i. No threats towards others.
ii. No posts of self-harm or threats of such activities.
iii. No talk of illegal substances.
iv. No talk of rape.
v. No explicit links (even with trigger warnings, if we consider it explicit it will be removed).

4. Absolutely no talk of bans whether its your ban or a friend's.

5. No spam.
i. Multiple topics that contain the same or similar information.
ii. Posting excessively on someone else’s forum topic.
iii. Posting topics that have already been created.
iv. Posting topics that have no meaning.
v. Meaningless polls.

6. Only one account per person, if you wish to rename your account you may, and if you want your account deleted, contact a Pharaoh.

7. Some mild swearing is allowed, some minor words. Do not excessively swear, it is considered spam and harassment if towards another person.

8. Do not post topics seeking attention for yourself: No “rate me” or “what do you think of me” posts.

9. No posting of material that is not yours, it is considered as Art Theft and the post will be deleted.

10. Please only bump a topic every 24 hours. Please use common sense when bumping, if someone does not reply within the first several bumps, consider your topic dead.

11. Above all, please be kind to everyone. All of us are different and should be treated with the same amount of respect.
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Forum Regulations: Read Before Ever Posting
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